A special project to
start 2011




To begin 2011, Rotary Club of Clark Centennial undertook a project to give Rejane, a 4 year old girl from Bais, Negros Oriental, a new lease of life. This is where she lives photos.


Born with a congenital heart disease, she has now been correctly diagnosed in Angeles city as having a Patent Ductus Arteriosus. An operation is required to close this patent vessel, either by opening the chest and tying it off, or placing a coil within the vessel via a catheter, which if left untreated will be dangerous to the child's future health or well-being.  Before birth, there is a natural blood vessel between the aorta (the main artery to the body) and the pulmonary artery (the main artery to the lungs) called the ductus arteriosus. This opening usually closes shortly after birth. A PDA occurs when this opening fails to close. Left untreated this will eventually lead to heart failure. Operation successful

She also has a marked strabismus (squint) with her eyes, and both of the needed procedures will enable her to live a full and normal life.

An eye specialist in San Fernando is hopeful that her eyesight can be corrected using special prescription lenses, and not having to resort to surgery.

In 2011 besides this project, we are planning to give a young lady an articial leg; and undertake a medical mission in one of the poorer areas of Angeles offering free consultations and diagnostics to the residents. If you wish to make a contribution to the expenses incurred in these and similar projects, please contact us.

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